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The historic Normandy area of Pays d'Auge is the most renowned area of production of the prized Calvados, a delicious apple cider brandy subjected to strict quality controls. Here it is embellished with a Black Cavendish that releases all its sour and sweet notes given by the natural fermentation and the double distillation.

The Aroma di Tabacco (R) extracts are produced with the best tobacco leaves available on the market, the selection and research takes place meticulously and the products reach our production plant directly from the producers identified in the cultivation area. They’d been premixed, to obtain the final product it is needed a 10ml base, with or without nicotine, of the favorite chemical composition (5050 or 7030).

The product does not require any special ripening but it must be taken into account that the aromatic characteristics evolve over time, slightly modifying the perception of taste. Dosing and maturation times are absolutely subjective in this kind of products and the perceptive result is influenced by the type of vaporizer and from the base used.

Finally, it should be noted that the product may contain minimal traces of nicotine, irrelevant for the calculation of the title of the arrival mixture.

For those wishing to learn more, we recommend subscribing to the Facebook group: Blendfeel - The Complete Vape Solution in which the exchange of updated information on these products it is particularly effective. Enjoy!


Data sheet

Product type
Aroma concentrato
Modod di utilizzo
Integrare con basi neutre con o senza nicotina ed eventualmente sali
Aroma base PG
Concentrazione nicotina
Capacity (ml)
Contenuto (ml)
Imposta di consumo
Tipologia flacone
Husky bottle 60 ml
Tipologia capsula chiusura
Capsula child proof husky bottle
Colore flacone
Leggere con attenzione la scheda di sicurezza relativa al prodotto acquistato e le frasi di rischio riportate in etichetta.
Maneggiare con cautela, tenere fuori dalla portata di bambini e animali domestici. In caso di incidente o malessere, consultare immediatamente il medico e se possibile mostrare l’etichetta.
Si sconsiglia l’uso del vaporizzatore personale alle persone affette da problemi respiratori e/o cardiovascolari e alle donne in stato di gravidanza e/o in fase di allattamento.
Vendita vietata ai minori
Foglio illustrativo
Non esporre il prodotto ai raggi diretti del sole. Conservare ben chiuso ed a temperatura ambiente.
Etichetta internazionale, lingue:

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